Simple Solutions International is located in Burbank, California, with its artistic ties to the television and movie industries. One of the critical aspects of Burbank and those industries are the signs that can be found throughout the city. They can be informational or elaborate and artistic, but all the signs clearly showcase the options available with sign making tools, including those found at Simple Solutions. Burbank is also a close neighbor to one of the most famous signs in the world, the large Hollywood sign in the foothills of Los Angeles. With that background, it is no wonder that we love being part of the creation of these works of art!

We are a leader in helping you to build your sign making business by offering you the right tools for any professional or private sign project. Every aspect of the sign making process is covered here. Our company started on the premise that sign makers need a dependable source for all their supplies, including blades, plotter pens, fluid, and adhesive removers, banner stands, and other sign making hand tools.

Simple Solutions is a one-stop shop for all of your vinyl printing and sign making needs. Many unique designs can be created using vinyl masking film, which can be crafted into a variety of letters and artistic shapes or logos. Using a spray mask stencil, you can craft a sign that speaks to your particular client’s unique message.

Once the design is created and transferred to vinyl, then you need quality blades to be sure that you can cut through the material, such as vinyl plotter blades, Roland vinyl cutters, and other sign making tools. We also offer a full selection of 30, 45, & 60 Degree Carbide blades for various plotter cutters. Not only that, but our cutters are made for a variety of thicknesses, giving you the ability to create visual depth in your signs.

Before you start cutting, it is important that you have put the right buffers in place. Monkey Strip felt squeegee covers are super soft highly durable, with a textured top surface and permanent adhesive. Applied to a magnetic squeegee, it can be an effective tool to keep your vinyl masking in place while you are cutting. Speedball rollers are also part of our inventory, giving you the right options for any task in the building of your signs. These tools are also designed to apply digital prints, vinyl lettering or even window film.

No matter the type of sign you are creating, we have the tools to meet your needs. With over 44 years of experience, our company is here to offer you outstanding quality sign making products and services with integrity and a reputation based on standing behind our products. Contact us at our Burbank, CA, location, where we can discuss your needs and determine the best options for you!