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4 Pro Tips for a Creative and Wooing Banner Stand Design

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When it comes to snagging your customers’ attention, it does not get more competitive than a trade show. You are elbow to elbow with your competitors, and sometimes the smallest details can decide where a customer lands.

One of those details could be your banner stand if you play your cards right. It’s all about the design. To reelĀ in the revenue at your next trade show, use these tips for a knock-out banner stand design.

1. Focus on the Eye Level

You do not design your banner stand at its printed size. As you see it on your computer monitor, it is easy to forget that customers will not see the whole design in one view as you are.

Instead, focus your design content at eye level. The far bottom or top of your banner stand may not even be visible depending on your booth layout. The eye level area should be the one and only focal point.

2. Keep It Simple

As far as graphic design goes, a banner stand is a particularly large piece. It is easy to look at that size and think you have plenty of room for a ton of written content.

Banner stands are not where customers look to for detailed information. They are meant to be glanced at and to be part of your overall booth design.

For that reason, do not try to cram copy into your banner stand design. Keep it simple and use it more as a branding element than an informational piece. At most, adorn it with a slogan, your business name, and your website address.

3. Consider Your Booth Design

One of the first rules of graphic design is to think about how the viewer will see your design. When it comes to banner stands, your customers will never see your design on its own.

The banner stand is one part of an overall exhibit booth design. Think about that design and create a banner stand that fits well into it. Make sure the color scheme and design themes are consistent.

4. Quality Is King

A great image could be an essential part of a well-designed banner stand. It is crucial that you stick with high-resolution images. Your images will be printed at a far larger size than you see on your computer monitor, so it can be difficult to know if they will look grainy.

Your images need a minimum resolution of 300 dpi or dots per inch. To be sure your finished product will not look grainy, try printing the image at its full size on paper first. This way you can change the image if necessary before paying the price to print your banner stand.

Catch the Customer’s Eye with Your Banner Stand

It is not easy to win out over your competitors at a trade show. When it comes down to it, your success rides on whether you can grab a customer’s attention. The right banner stand design using the tips above can make all the difference.

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