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Sign Making Essentials: Masking Film, Spray Masks, and Drawing Paper

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To operate an effective sign making business takes a lot of skill and effort. It also requires the right tools and supplies. You may not give much thought to items such as masking film, spray masks, and drawing paper until you need them for a job. However, they each serve an important purpose.

Curious why they are “must have” items for your sign making business? Keep reading to discover the answers.

Masking Film

Used for both electronic cutting equipment and hand-cut graphic arts applications, masking film comes in a variety of sizes.

Quality masking film will feature a unique emulsion that allows stripping of the unwanted matrix quickly. The coating is attached to an optically clear polyester base using a special adhesive layer. Its self-healing formula allows cutting mistakes to be corrected by firmly rubbing the emulsion flat into the clear polyester base and re-cutting as required.

Ruby-colored polyester based film is particularly ideal for cutting masks or copy for any photographic masking purpose.

Spray Masks

This vinyl product is used for masking surfaces to be painted and for die-cut or hand-cut spray mask stencils. The adhesive is formulated to withstand temperatures as required in a baking cycle of painted surfaces, 200 degrees F to 350 degrees F for short periods of time.

Store it in a cool, dry place with no direct sunlight for the best shelf life.

Drawing Paper

Drawing paper is a specially-formulated kind of paper that is sold in rolls. It is designed to be used with water-based materials, which includes plaster, latex, enamels, and drywall textures. The paper can be used to plot drawings for clients, to protect areas from paint or as part of the graphics for sign or banners.

This paper is ideal for both professionals and amateurs alike. That is because it has extensive applications for not only residential

For example, clay-coated litho stock provides an improved image when you are plotting out your sign with felt or Gap Sure-Plot pens. The ink is not absorbed quickly, thus allowing you to have a sharper edge on your image. After plotting, a few minutes of drying time should be allowed.

You can typically buy hundreds of feet of drawing paper at highly competitive prices. That makes it easy to buy as much as you need or to simply stockpile a large amount of this unique paper for later use.

If that is not enough good news, many vendors offer an additional discount if you are buying in bulk. So, this product starts out as cost-effective and only gets better the more that you buy!

The Bottom Line

Now you know the essentials of masking film, spray masks and drawing paper and how it all can help you out in a variety of ways. However, do you know where to find all of these items under one roof as well as other sign making supplies?

At Simple Solutions International, we are your premier source for all of the sign-making tools you may need. To see how we can help you get started, contact us today!

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