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How to Choose the Right Plotter Blades for Your Needs

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What if your first-class vinyl cutter is using second-class blades?

The blunt truth is that a vinyl cutting plotter is only as good as your blades. However, many consumers do not know how to pick the best blades for their needs.

Want to know how to buy a better blade? Keep reading for tips in our comprehensive guide!

Thirty Degree Blades

The first blade option that you have is a thirty-degree blade. Specifically, these blades are best designed to cut films that are one or two millimeters. If the film is thicker than this, then you will need to get a more specialized blade meant for cutting thicker films.

Forty-Five Degree Blades

A forty-five-degree blade makes for a good “mid-range” blade. In terms of utility, this kind of blade is good for cutting a larger range of film than the thirty-degree blade can.

Specifically, the forty-five-degree blade is effective for most kinds of film that are larger than two millimeters. However, if the film is larger than six millimeters, then you will need a different kind of blade.

Sixty Degree Blades

The final kind of blade option for your vinyl cutting plotter is the sixty-degree blade. This blade is primarily used for the largest kinds of film that you will need to cut.

A sixty-degree blade is good for any film that is six inches or larger. It is important to note that because every kind of blade has its own unique purpose, it is good for your vinyl plotter cutting business to have a wide range of blades you can access.

Other Factors to Consider

Sometimes, the size of the film is not the only consideration when it comes to picking the right blade. It is important to understand the other factors that might influence your purchasing decision.

Certain kinds of film are better for a particular blade, regardless of the size of the film. This fact is true of reflective or beaded film. That film is best cut by the sixty-degree blade, even if the film is not six inches or larger.

If you alternate between certain kinds of film on a regular basis, then the forty-five-degree angle is a very versatile choice. For someone who regularly cuts film between two, three, and four-inches (and any sizes in-between), a forty-five-degree blade should meet your essential needs.

Check the Fine Print

For maximum effectiveness, you will need to adjust your blade before you begin cutting and that means paying attention to the fine print.

Any blade you buy should specify what the specific offset range is. If you ignore this, then you may end up sabotaging the overall quality of your cutting jobs.

Plotter Blades: The Bottom Line

Now you know how to pick the right vinyl plotter cutting blades. Do you know where you can find them?

At Simple Solutions International, we specialize in all of your vinyl plotter cutting needs. To see how we can provide the solutions you need, contact us today!

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