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Vinyl Cutting and Scraperite Blades: What You Need for Vinyl Sign Making

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You’ve seen them everywhere, from weddings and parties to people’s walls.

Vinyl signs are one of the top decorating trends right now, not to mention a big seller on sites like Etsy.

Vinyl sign making has become a big business and companies are always in search of the latest tools and technology to make their projects more efficient and cost-effective for their customers.

Here is a helpful guide to the essential tools you’ll need for your next vinyl cutting project.

What is Vinyl Cutting?

Besides being a hot trend right now, vinyl cutting is the art of creating your own unique design or print and sending that design to a software program that cuts out your design onto a sheet of vinyl.

You then take the cut vinyl and lay it on anything from windows, to wood, to scrapbooks, and more.

Necessary Tools

Vinyl Cutter

Simply stated, a vinyl cutter is a machine that acts quite similar to a printer.

Whatever software you use to create your vinyl design will be sent from your computer to the vinyl cutter and then cut into your sheet of vinyl.

Vinyl cutters are also known as plotters, craft cutters or die-cutters as they can often do more than just cut vinyl.

Some quality cutters can cut a design into more than vinyl. You may also use them for cutting designs into things like cardstock, tissue paper or even wood.

Vinyl Cutting and Scraperite Blades

There are a variety of blade types hobbyists or vinyl business owners can use to do the “weeding” once a vinyl design has been cut.

Various blades allow you to make hand-cuts when needed or weed, which is basically just separating your design from the rest of the sheet of vinyl before applying it to your desired surface.

Scraperite double-edge razor blades are also quite useful in sign making and a must to have on hand during a busy production schedule. They are designed to aid in the removal of pressure sensitive materials on surfaces that are easily scratched, such as metal, paint, plastics, and glass.


Most plotters, (a.k.a. vinyl cutters), will come with their own design software.

The more time you spend practicing design with that software, the more versatile and creative your designs can become.

Of course, if you feel the need to be ultra-unique and are an expert with Adobe, software like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw can also be used.

Other Tools

Aside from your vinyl cutter itself, the software of your choice, and the necessary blades, there are a few other tools you will find useful when creating vinyl signs:

  • A squeegee
  • Transfer tape
  • Application fluid
  • Rivet brushes
  • Tweezers, etc.

You can often find the needed tools in one location for a good deal to get your work started.

Getting Started

Now that you have a basic idea of what vinyl cutting is and what essential tools you need to start creating with vinyl, what are you waiting for?

If you haven’t done so already, get your business’ inventory stocked with quality tools and accessories that assist you in designing eye-catching vinyl signs to stay ahead of your competition.

Check out our blog for information on how to properly use different vinyl cutting tools and news on the latest trends in the industry.

Simple Solutions International offers a full selection of plotter blades and plotter pens as well as a variety of useful tools for use in plotting and sign making such as plotter adapters, masking film, spray mask, and other sign making tools and accessories.