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The Latest Trends in Modern Graphic Design for Sign Making

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How many signs do you think you pass by in a day? Hundreds? Thousands?  How many of them do you ever notice?

The purpose of a sign is to call attention to your business and eye-catching graphic design is a key aspect. You also want to convey the right impression of your business and keep consistent with your branding. If you’re struggling to accomplish those goals, maybe it’s time for a change.

Graphic design is always evolving and some of the latest trends can make your signs more effective. Break out the sign making tools and try using these modern graphic design trends.

Greater Variety in Color Schemes

Using the same color scheme is branding 101, but that’s no longer your only option. Some brands are opting for varying color schemes but with brand-consistent shapes and designs.

For example, your sign could be as simple as your logo in a variety of colors like an Andy Warhol painting. As long as you have some consistent branding elements, you can get creative.

Color Gradients

Plain backgrounds and static colors tend to look basic and, dare we say, cheap. To give their work a more modern and professional look, many designers are turning to color gradients.

You could go bright and colorful like the gradient in the Instagram logo. In other cases, you could go so subtle that readers don’t recognize the gradient right away. All they know is that the sign looks modern and more three-dimensional. There’s no shortage of ways to use color gradients in graphic design. Feel free to get creative.

Custom Fonts

Changing up your fonts might seem like an obvious change, but it’s time to think outside the box. Consider a customized typography that speaks to the message itself.

Be careful not to overdo it, though. A striking font is great for the headline or main message, not for smaller messages or disclaimers.

Intentional Placement

One of the most creative graphic design trends is to make the sign interact with its environment. There are plenty of fantastic signs integrating their environments into their art, so inspiration is everywhere.

Of course, you need to stay on-brand. Some of the current examples of this trend are edgy, therefore, make sure you don’t abandon your brand in the pursuit of art.

Graphic Storytelling

As a whole, storytelling is an important trend in marketing today. There’s less of a focus on pitching to customers and more of a focus on showing them who you are.

This trend is making its way into graphic design as well. You can tell a lot about your company in the sign’s design. Without getting too intricate for the medium, tell the story of your company and your passion project. This is ideal for signs that see more close-up interactions like standing banners.

Creating a Top-Notch Sign

You never want to underestimate how much business a sign can bring in. It all starts with a great design so use the tips above for a modern graphic design that serves your purpose.

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