Material Racks including Floor Racks, Flood Stands, Material Saver Racks, Wall Mount Material Racks, Roller Trays & Floor Rack Accessories.

"Chrome Plated" Floor Rack
“Chrome Plated” Floor Rack

This product is made of heavy gauge wire and constructed to hold (16) sixteen rolls of (2) two or (3) three inch core diameter material up to (1000) one thousand pounds. This rack is durable enough to hold up to … Read More

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“Chrome Plated” Floor Stand

This “Chrome Plated” Floor Stand for Storage of Roll Material Up to 30 Inches is made of heavy gauge wire and constructed to hold (72) seventy two rolls of (3) three inch core diameter material, up to (2000) two thousand … Read More

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"Chrome Plated" Handle for Floor Rack (handle only)
“Chrome Plated” Handle for Floor Rack (handle only)

Heavy gauge wire portable, attachable handle that allows easy pulling and relocation of the FR-1623 material floor rack.

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“Chrome Plated” Material Saver Rack

This product was made to sit on the floor in front and/or in back of a plotter. It prevents both inkjet and cut materials from getting contaminated by touching the floor. For larger width materials, use two racks, spacing them … Read More

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“Chrome Plated” Wall Mount Material Rack

Heavy gauge wire constructed rack holds sixteen (16) rolls of 3 inch core diameter material without using valuable floor space. This rack is durable enough to hold even up to 16 rolls of 30 in. x 50 yd. material with … Read More

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Roller Tray1
20 Inch Roller Tray – Accommodates Any Size Roll

This is a very versatile tool designed to be used in a variety of ways accommodating any width material up to three hundred fifty (350) lbs. This tool can be used: to unroll or re-roll material without any effort and … Read More

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gap rt 2400 20 inch roller tray and tape application tool
Roller Tray & Tape Application Tool – 20″

20″ Roller Tray Accommodates up to 150 LBS to Easily Roll & Re-Roll Material. It Can Also be Used As An Application Tape Applicator Tool.

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