The Best Long Lasting Sign Making Hand Tools for Your Advertising Projects

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Signs still matter for businesses, even in today’s busy internet world. That is why sign making should still be an important part of your marketing plan for your brick and mortar business.

When you are looking for sign making equipment, it is important to pick ones that will last. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money on replacement tools.

We have gathered some of the longest lasting sign making tools that you can get to ensure that your marketing expenses stay within budget.

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1. Versatile Roller Tray

This 20-inch roller tray has a variety of uses, which makes it an essential part of any sign maker’s equipment box. You can use it to roll or unroll material, as a feed roller, or to dispense application tape.

With so many uses, you will want to have a few of these handy.

2. Roller Applicator

Another one of the most important tools a sign maker needs is this 4-inch speedball roller applicator. It does not matter what angle you hold it at; you will still be able to get even pressure without worrying about scratching surfaces.

If you use any pressure-sensitive adhesives, you will need one of these.

3. Magnetic Squeegee

This magnetic squeegee works with any surface but is designed specifically with automotive or metal surfaces in mind. You do not have to worry about losing it since you can magnetize it right to whatever surface you are applying a sign.

This option also helps you keep your tools clean since you will not need to lay it on the ground.

4. Hobby Knife/Weeding Tool Combination

Having a hobby knife is an important part of making signs for your business. You never know when you are going to need to cut something, and this tool will do it with the precision you need.

A weeding tool helps you remove excess vinyl. Having a combination tool ensures you can take care of a wide variety of detailed jobs quickly to keep signs looking perfect.

5. Snappy Cutter

You are going to run into things that a normal pair of scissors will not cut. For that reason, you will need a snappy cutter. This one is designed with safety in mind so you can focus on the work you are doing.

There are many uses for a cutter like this one in sign making, so be sure to include one with your equipment.

6. Burnishing Tool

Burnishing tools help apply vinyl evenly in corners and on curved surfaces where a regular squeegee may not work. Corners are where many signs first peel, so it is vital to ensure they are well-attached.

This burnishing tool with needle allows you to pop trapped air bubbles quickly!

Want More Hand Tools?

Now you have a list of six hand tools for sign making that you can use to make the best possible sign, whether you are making it for your own business or somebody else’s.

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